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Paradise / Paradise (edit) 
Texte - T O D
Compo, chant et instruments  - Régis Delbroucq
Mixage et Mastering - Cyril Orcel
Art work - Grégoire Brice

T O D - Paradise (edit)Artist Name
00:00 / 04:25



I m somewhere else somewhere out of there

somewhere in the skyes above one million stars

and i can see everything my soul is still creative

and it spreads over millions and millions of light years


I still have my eyes upon you babe and i now  we will never die

ans my eyes and my thoughts are elsewhere now

in this universe of light it's hopeless we will never leave

my heart remains high and the flame still shines

why don't you come now why ain't you with me ?


I'm not afraid of this black light anymore

this space immensity suits me forever


our lives grow intensively as we move at the speed of light

in uniforms of bright

leaving our kingdoms far behind us when we open our eyes on to a call from the outside

although it is cold in here

i don't even feel dizzy nor frightenend

all your smiles all your words appear at the edge of my dreams


Cold paradise is here at last

peopled with thousand faces i had ever known

and the wind is just a sound

and this world is colorless

and spring does not bring life

and the sunshine does not warm me up



my body seems to feel existance no more

now i Know we will never die

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